Héctor Jareño Amieva

Born in Gijón in Northern Spain, and brought up surrounded by leather beside the workshop of his father, master craftsman of interior decoration, Juan Jareño. Started working as an assistant and draftsman at an architectural firm and was involved in the design of buildings and museums. In 2011, founded Reliquiae España and the family business was reborn into a luxury leather goods workshop. Reliquiae España CEO and designer.


Please tell us about your commitment to Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship, which are common features of the DNA of both RELIQUIAE and TASAKI.

TASAKI has always carefully selected the finest pearls and diamonds – we also always pursue the best quality. Spain has long tradition in Europe in leather processing, and its calf leather is very fine. For this collection, we searched throughout Spain and chose the finest raw materials. In addition, our craftsmen observe quality, selecting only the parts most suitable for making the products.
We poured our passion into researching the unique buildings and contemporary art of Spain, taking inspiration from them to come up with contemporary designs and making modern wearable items. From 1955 to 1970 were the golden age of Spanish architecture. This era of change, which mixed tradition, modernization and organic elements, has become the inspiration source for our designs.
I think even the environment we are blessed with at the workshop, surrounded by trees, animals and fruits, creates high creativity. The colour palette of the first collection was inspired by the natural beauty of the changing colours of the four seasons.
While continuing to protect the traditional methods of pearl culture, TASAKI creates pearl jewellery designs with new value. We also take on new challenges while protecting the traditional culture and craftsmanship of Spain. In the workshop, craftsmen with more than 50 years of experience use the very best sewing techniques to create the finished leather items, and for the development of this collection, we toured throughout Spain to find bronze work craftsmen who still use refining and casting methods more than 200 years old. Every balance charm created by these many years of experience has a different expression and flavour.

Please tell us the points of interest and distinction in Archy from the TASAKI por RELIQUIAE first collection signature series.

We are inspired by the fusion of different elements. For example, one source of inspiration was the sculptural building elements of a hydroelectric power plant in Asturias. The building is highly artistic, decorated with large scale geometric sculptures, and the unique buildings merge brilliantly with the natural environment and surrounding mountains. Under their influence, the collection fuses the conflicting elements of “robustness” and “softness”, “modern” and “organic” to create artefacts with new value.

Please let us know your impression about the new project in partnership with TASAKI.

We are very proud of our partnership with TASAKI, a company that continues to create modern designs fused with tradition unlike anything else in the world. Philosophy, quality, creativity, craftsmanship …. It is a great encounter to share each other’s values.

Please give us your message to customers of TASAKI por RELIQUIAE.

Throughout the production process, we have created while thinking of the end-user. We are thrilled for you to be able to enjoy our designs.