Based on partnerships with globally active creators, TASAKI has always brought innovative and sophisticated designs to the world.
Now, based on a new collaboration with RELIQUIAE, the brand based in Spain, the leather goods collection “TASAKI por RELIQUIAE” is born.
RELIQUIAE has created contemporary designs one after another while respecting the traditional craftsmanship of Spain. This collection that breathes the three elements that form the basis of TASAKI – Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship – was born from the encounter of the Spanish brand with the same DNA for manufacturing as the Japanese high jeweller.
TASAKI por RELIQUIAE follows the traditional methods of Spain for almost the entire production process, from the procurement of materials and leather tanning down to the manufacture of metal parts and leather sewing. Spanish leather, characterized by fine-grained texture and distinctive softness – even among the highly developed European leather industry -, is mainly used, and the innovative collection was born from a perfect fusion of technical excellence handed down over generations and simple but modern architectural designs inspired by the contemporary art and architecture of Spain.
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The three elements that form the basis of TASAKI, Quality, Creativity, Craftsmanship are also alive in TASAKI por RELIQUIAE.
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Craftsmanship